KORUFLEX - What is Water Based Peelable Coating?

KORUFLEX is a water based protective film which you can use as surface protection during the construction to protect the surfaces against threats like qaint, solvents, welding, burr etc. It is a temporary protection and easy to remove at the end of the construction.
KORUFLEX mainly used for glass protection and non porous surface protections.

Wide Range of Uses

In many countries over the past decade, especially in the US, Australia and the European Union countries, peelable protective coating films have begun to be preferred rather than sticky foil. This is why the special system can be used not only in the construction, architecture and contracting sectors but also in the sectors such as decoration, marine, automotive, health, advertising and defense industries.

%100 Security and Protection

KORUFLEX peelable coatings do not contain solvents that can cause serious damage to nature or human health. Provides 100% UV protection on the desired surface. In situations where the spark can cause severe fires, it provides a non-flammable solution that is not affected by static electricity. It is not affected by static electricity, but at the same time it has an insulating property. KORUFLEX is a water-based protective coating that protects the surface of applied materials such as water, oil, paint, etc. in the event of serious damage to the surface.

Easy Application

One of the greatest features of KORUFLEX is that it is applied with a gun, roller or brush like liquid paint while it is liquid and peeled as a film when it is dry. Also; it does not dissolve easily from the surface like the most commonly used adhesive foil and does not leave any sticky residue when it is removed.

KORUFLEX - How to Apply?

1 - Crawl to Surface with Roll or Brush

Apply KORUFLEX water based peelable coating to a surface with a standard 5mm wool roll used for normal water-based paints or with a broad but thin bristle brush. Take care that the application thickness is sufficient and that the wet film thickness is at least 200 microns. If protection is needed for severe conditions, 30-45 min. then apply one more coat. In applications with airless gun, apply with a 200 bar machine using 517 or 519 nozzles. Provide homogeneity on the surface by making a hand vertical after a horizontal hand when applying.

2 - Wait to dry up

Drying is between 5 min and 120 min depending on the outside temperature (16-30 degrees). At lower temperatures, the drying time may increase as the product is water-based.

3 - Remove from the Corner

If you no longer need the Peelable Surface Protection System, you can peel KORUFLEX easily by removing it from the formed film edge, or it can be removed from the surface with a pressurized water gun if desired. When KORUFLEX is robbed, it can be folded into a ball. You can put the remaining amount of KORUFLEX in the same category as normal household waste.